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Investigators: Keith, Danielle, Henry and Brandy.

Location: Mcomb, MI. Date: April 21, 2010

Time: 11:00PM-3:00AM

Moon phase: Half moon

Weather: Temp-43,

mostly cloudy.

Wind-13 MPH.



The homeowner explained the different types of activity that has been going on in her home. Things have been happening such as; she has seen a full bodied apparition, as well as seeing shadows in the hallway just 2 weeks prior to the investigation. She has seen orbs moving around, and has had many weird feelings in the basement. Her daughter said she has heard growls coming from one part of the basement and upstairs in a bedroom. They have had another local Michigan paranormal group out a few years ago to investigate. We have seen that report from their website, but we will not mention who they were. Unfortunately we were able to debunk their evidence, and she was never given any copies of the evidence for her records.

We conducted our investigation through the entire house from 9PM-3AM. We set up video cameras with infra red lights in 2 bedrooms, the basement where the growls are heard from, and the garage. We did an EMF sweep of the house and were unable to find any high readings anywhere, except near the fuse box. The family was wonderful, they even ordered us pizza, and made us eat! We enjoyed investigating their home, as well as meeting all of them.

We didn’t feel much in the home. The only room we actually felt uncomfortable in was the basement. There were points where Danielle and Brandy felt very uneasy, and couldn’t stay down there. Danielle and Brandy sat in the upstairs bedrooms for a while, and kept watching in the closet of one room. The closet doors were open, and there were some empty wire hangers in there. We sat on the bed and conducted an EVP session. We would ask questions if anyone was in the room, and we noticed that the wire hanger started moving in the closet. It would move in a response sort of way. We never caught anything on film though throughout this session. Once in the other bedroom, we sat on the bed and conducted another EVP session. Brandy was on the right side, and Danielle was on the left. Brandy felt a very cold sensation on her legs by her ankles. She said it felt like a dog was leaning against her legs on the floor. The homeowner did tell us they had a dog that passed away and he always spent time in the bedroom.

Towards the end of the investigation, Danielle and Brandy were sitting in the kitchen with the homeowners watching the DVR system. Keith and Henry went downstairs and were trying to come in contact with the spirit. At one point both Keith and Henry were in a room in the basement and Keith had his back turned to the infra red camera, and suddenly a bright orb came out of nowhere and went around Keith’s back, then dissipated into his back. Danielle, Brandy, and the homeowners saw this with their own eyes. They were amazed. The homeowner’s husband was skeptical about spirits, but he was a little more convinced once he saw this!


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