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Prospect Place September 13-16, 2010


Prospect Place entrance


Investigators: Keith, Danielle, Tom were Joined by Maryann  from Grimstone.Inc., Lon from Great Lakes Hauntings

Location: Trinway, Ohio. Date: September 13-16, 2010

Sept 13, 2010 Weather: High Temp: 85 Low Temp: 48, Moon phase: Waxing Cresent ,Clear, Wind-WSW 4MPH, Humidity-64%, Dewpoint-52

Sept 14, 2010 Weather: High Temp: 79 Low Temp: 50, Moon phase: Half moon, Clear, Wind-W 2MPH, Humidity-62%, Dewpoint-48

Sept 15, 2010 Weather: High Temp:83 Low Temp: 48,Moon phase: Waxing Gibbous, Clear, Wind- 2 MPH out of the east, Humidity-64%, Dewpoint-50


Prospect Place EVPS


Here are our Evidence that we have captured for you to listen too and look at thanks you


Prospect Place Videos



Photos coming soon