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Private Home Investigation-Redford, MI. 3/10/2010

Investigators: Keith , Danielle and Brandy were present at this home located in Redford, MI. The owner was kind enough to allow LMPS in to investigate her home. We want to start by thanking her for the opportunity to help her with her problems. We sat down with the homeowner and discussed all the strange things that have happened, and have been happening in the home. The house is located in Redford, MI, and was built in 1948. She believes that the home was once a farmhouse, but we don’t have any evidence to back this up. She did tell us that the one of the previous homeowner’s wife passed away in the home. She has lived in this home for approximately 6 years and has been experiencing strange things since she’s lived there. Not only has she experienced things, but her children as well as family members have as well. She has seen the apparition of a man upstairs, and walking down the stairs through the kitchen.
They have all heard footsteps and hammering upstairs when no one was up there. Once they walked up stairs to check it out, it stopped. The homeowner’s son was “playfully” pushed down the stairs by an unseen force. She did explain to us that he wasn’t injured, or hurt in any way, that they actually just laughed it off. She has had a shampoo bottle thrown at her, as well as a quarter being tossed at her while she was alone in the home. There is a spot on the wall upstairs that has a hole in it that leads to what could be used as an attic, and her son has seen a face in this hole. This hole stays boarded off due to cats in the home. Her son, and young nephew refuse to go upstairs because they are afraid of something up there.
Just a few days prior to the investigation the homeowner and her daughter were sitting in the living room and heard a voice that sounded like a child saying “here kitty.” She does have 5 cats, and they all seemed confused when this voice was heard. The homeowner did tell us that there is a strange slab in the backyard that has been dug up. It was not noticed until someone was digging and discovered it. She does not know what this is, but has been told by other people that it could be a gravestone. Unfortunately we were unable to look at this because it was dark out, and the ground was thawing from the snow. We do plan on looking at his further to see what it could be. There’s a possibility that it’s a pet grave, or a slab from a sidewalk.
We don’t believe there could be a chance that someone is buried in the backyard, but we will be looking into this once the weather changes. She has had two priests come in and bless the house on two separate occasions. We did not get details on this, but she did not say it was because of anything negative. She just wants to know what she can do to help whoever is in her home. If there is anything she can do to help them pass over. All three investigators had personal experiences. Each had the same feeling in one bedroom that their chests were very tight, and a heavy feeling in the air. This is where we spent the majority of the night, and where most of the strange occurrences are happening.
Danielle had a few experiences and seemed to be more than Keith and Brandy. While she was sitting on the floor she had a strange feeling from the top of her head down to the bottom of her spine like someone was standing behind her. Once she moved to the other side of the room to the other bed she sat with her bed against the wall. She kept seeing the name “Ben” in her mind, and asked if someone was there by the name of Ben. Once she asked this, she got a sensation on her left ear that someone was whispering in her ear. It was hot, and had a tingling feeling in it. Not only did she feel the chest tightening, she also felt a pain in her left arm and wrist, and her and Brandy mentioned they thought that someone had passed away of a heart attack in that room. Keith was experiencing the chest tightening as well while in the one room. He felt a few cold chills while upstairs too. While Brandy was on the floor playing with the stuffed teddy bear to communicate with the child, she felt a very cold feeling on her leg. She mentioned it was as if a child was sitting on her leg playing with the bear. At one point during the investigation all three investigators were sitting in the same room quietly, and heard footsteps that sounded like someone coming up the stairs. It sounded like someone was wearing boots walking up wood steps.
We should point out that the steps leading up stairs are carpet. These footsteps were captured on Danielle’s recorder which was in the room where they were sitting, but wasn’t captured on Keith’s recorder which was right by the stairs. We were able to pick up EVP’s that sounded like a child, as well as a man’s voice. We kept Danielle’s recorder in one room, and Keith’s in the other room. For the majority of the night we sat in the room with Danielle’s recorder. Keith’s recorder for most of the night kept picking up whispering conversations. We know no one was in this room because the homeowner and her daughter were downstairs all night. There was even a 5 minute span where every minute there was a knock right next to the recorder. No one in the other room reacted to this knock.
This investigation went very well, and we were very pleased that we could help the homeowner with this. She has extended the invite to have us back to investigate more, and keep trying to answer any questions she may have about what is going on in her house. We don’t feel that this is a negative spirit. Feels like maybe an old homeowner that is sticking around because they loved this home. Maybe the person who originally built the house? Maybe it could be someone who lived on the land before the house was built. These are the questions we don’t know the answers too, but will try our hardest to answer t hem for her.