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Salem's Barn Capac, Mi Investigation Report


Investigators: Keith, Danielle, Henry, Scott and Tom.

Location: Capac, MI. Date: July 18, 2010.

Time: 11:00PM-3:00AM

Weather: Clear skies, 65 degrees. 0.05% precipitation.

Moon phase: Waxing Gibbous


Salem’s Haunted Barn is located in Capac, Michigan and is a haunted house attraction for Halloween. The owners have seen a shadow person, orbs, and unexplained mist throughout the barn. This has not been going on for very long, but they said it seemed to start happening once they brought wood in that was used on another barn. They can’t explain what they have been seeing, but don’t feel threatened by it. There have been accounts of other people seeing unexplained phenomena in the barn as well, even by two people on the same day, that didn’t know each other. There was a time when someone saw what looked like a child, crawling around, just like in the movie ‘The Ring.’ They have had a few people say that the barn looked “yellow” inside, and even seen yellow and blue mist.


We arrived around 10pm, and began setting up our equipment. We ran 3 IR cameras, 2 camcorders, and about 4 digital voice recorders. We took digital photos and did EMF sweeps throughout the barn once the lights were off. We had a couple times where our K2 meters went off and even flashed up to red at some points. There is an electric fence right outside of the barn, but we did hold the K2 up to the fence and it only lightly pulsated to orange. We had feelings of someone around us, but it seemed like whatever it was wouldn’t stay in the same area for long. It would move from room to room. Keith mentioned it was like someone was playing tag with us, but cheating at it, by not tagging us “it.” One point during the night, a Halloween prop slid and toppled over a tiny bit, when no one was touching it. It was as if someone was running by and tripped over it. The two instances where our K2 meters jumped up to red were when Henry, and then later, Keith, climbed into some coffins to see if we would get any reactions.


We enjoyed investigating the barn. We felt very welcome by the owners, and actors. We thank them very much for allowing us to do so. We would love to come back and conduct another investigation again. We also plan on coming during Halloween and going through the haunted house! We suggest you should too! Take a visit on to their website, and if you are a paranormal group in Michigan, contact them to schedule your investigation today!


Salem's Haunted Barn EVP's, Capac MI