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Investigators: Keith, Danielle, Mike, and Henry. Joined by Lon from Great Lakes Hauntings. (www.greatlakeshauntings.com) Time: 9:30P-12:30A Date: March 13, 2010 Weather conditions: High-49 Low-38. Humidity-95%. Winds-10 mph. Pressure: 29.57in. Moon Phase: 1.6 days before New Moon.

We arrived at the Homer Mill around 8pm to have dinner before we started our investigation. After dinner, the owner, Lance, took us on a tour of the mill. Keith, Danielle and Lon have been in the mill a few times before, but Henry and Mike had not, so we figured a tour would be a good idea. On the drive to the mill, Henry kept getting certain images of things that he had never seen before. During the tour, Henry discussed the images he had, and it turned out that he was seeing certain things inside the mill before he ever walked inside. The tour started down in the basement, and then worked the way up to the four floors. During the time in the basement, while Lance was showing us around, talking about different things he has witnessed and felt in there, Danielle started feeling very terrible tightness in her chest, shortness of breath and her heart was racing. She never said anything to anyone about feeling like this. The tour went on throughout the mill. The whole tour lasted no more than 25 minutes. Once the tour was finished, and we headed out to our cars to get our equipment, Danielle told Keith she wasn’t feeling right. That she felt as if she was having a heart attack. Danielle and Keith sat outside for a few minutes, to make sure everything was ok. The feeling subsided for the most part, and Danielle tried to go back inside. Once inside, the feeling came back. She decided there was no way that she could stay inside. She sat in her car for the entire investigation.

(From Danielle) While I sat inside my car and just relaxed, and tried to get the horrible feeling to go away, I kept a close eye on the windows and the building. I had a 2 way radio with me, so I could communicate with the group inside. At one point I noticed a figure in a window facing my car. I instantly got a horrible feeling again. I radioed to the group asking if anyone was in the window, and of course they said no one was in that room. The figure quickly disappeared. Shortly after I spoke to the group, a few of them headed up to that room. I could clearly see them in the room with their flashlights. They radioed to me, and asked if I could see them, which as I stated, I could. They informed me that there was a table in front of the window and there was no way anyone could stand in front of the window without moving the table. I believe that whatever was in the Homer Mill, did not want me in there, and knew that out of the 5 of us that went, I was the weakest, and it could prey on me. I think that it was watching me from the window as well. I obviously have not been back, and will never be back due to the fire that destroyed the mill in May.

(From Keith) While we were going through the tour, I felt a little bit odd. Like something wasn’t right. I did not feel like this the last two times we had gone there. I didn’t pay much attention to it though. I felt like I was being watched and followed by two things that were not there. Every time we stopped and talked, I felt like they were only a couple feet behind me when nobody was behind me. In one particular area of the mill, I was conducting EVP sessions, asking questions. During this time I was grabbed on the arm three different times. At one point I asked, “Do you want me to leave?” and something pinched my leg in response. Henry and I went into an area in the basement, and felt very unwelcome. (From Mike) I did not have much for personal experiences. There was just one point when I was in a certain room with Keith and Lon, and I stood against the wall, I felt a touch on my hand. No one was around me at the time, and I checked for any condensation from the ceiling, or anything that would have fallen, and I didn’t see anything.

(From Henry) On the drive to the Homer Mill, I kept getting visions in my head. I was seeing a black dog, and some sort of gears. I asked Keith and Danielle about it, and they did say that the basement did have gears and sorts of things used during the mills operation. They didn’t have any idea about a dog or anything. During the tour, Keith and I did notice that towards the top floor there was a black dog prop in a doghouse that is right around a corner. So I was getting these visions before I had even seen the building.

The Homer Mill had never failed to give us good evidence. Some of our best evidence had been recorded there. Each and every person that has investigated there has felt something, even if it was a small tap on the wrist. We were deeply saddened by the fire that destroyed the mill. It was a great loss for everyone who has enjoyed themselves there. Our deepest condolences go out to the Cuffle family for the loss of such an amazing building with amazing history.