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Our goal is to help others understand the Paranormal


If you or someone you know are having suspected paranormal activity, please do not hesitate to contact us at 586-610-4763 or you can email us at LMPSGHOSTS@YAHOO.COM We look forward to your call.

Welcome to the Lower Michigan Paranormal Society’s website.    We are busy working on the site please be patient with us.  We are the Group that investigated EREBUS Haunted Attraction and as seen on A&E/BIO My Ghost Story Caught on Camera Episode 63 we also was featured in the 2012 Fear Finder Michigan's Haunted House Magizine. Also you can go onto http://www.fearfinder.com/ also please visit EREBUS at http://www.hauntedpontiac.com/

We are working to add to the website and making some changes. Thanks again for following and checking in on us.

Thank you for visiting our website.

While browsing the site, you will come across various aspects of our group, such as who we are, what our mission is as well as various ways to contact us. 

Lower Michigan Paranormal Society never charges for investigations or interviews.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge they need to feel comfortable within their home or business.

As one of the many paranormal groups in Michigan, we work hard to validate any evidence we collect by using some of the software that is within the industry.  We have working friendships with many other paranormal groups in the state of Michigan as well as out of state.

While we conduct an investigation at your residence or business, you can be assured we will not share any information with anyone without your consent.  We will honor your privacy with great integrity.  We will respect your residence or business like it was our own. 


Should you have any photo's that are in your possession that you feel have something paranormal in it, then you can email them to us at lmpsghosts@yahoo.com .

If you would like us to come out and investigate please fill out the investigation report form, please click this link to take to the request form page thanks.

Investigation Request Page

Any donations we receive will go toward the upkeep of equipment as well as our website.  All costs are out of pocket.  Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.   

While browsing through our site, please take note of any changes you would like to see as well as any additions to the site you feel would be beneficial to us.  We are always open for suggestions/comments. 

Lower Michigan Paranormal Society has made a donation to the CLF which is the Children's Leukemia Foundation in Michigan we thank you for letting us be a part of your event.

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Erebus Investigation ends up on Channel 4 News Detroit

We recently had a investigation at Erebus and as it is seen on Channel 4. Paula Tutman from Channel 4 interviewed us.

Erebus Investigation as seen on Channel 4 News Detroit

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Here is our Episode of My Ghost Story Episode 63



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